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I remember September. Sitting in Saturday morning stillness it’s as if the new day is knocking on my window, calling for a playmate. What a day! Blustery clouds and bright, bright sunshine throwing intense shadows – that slight chill in the air that leaves condensation marks when the bedroom curtains are drawn back and tells us we have left summer behind: there’s no doubt August has been elbowed aside.


It’s funny, this is always the month I don’t want to see, but I fall in love with her again when she arrives. It’s the lovely clothes she wears, I think – the way she hides October behind her until the last minute. How can the herald of death and endings be a new beginning? Yet it always is.

Certainly, after the promise of Spring and the glory of July days, August is just too full-blown for my liking – she can’t hold herself in, she droops in the heat and swoons under the onslaught of showers, she stops walking and just stands there still and sweating like a menopausal woman. She quickly transforms to old age, like the ghost of Christmas present turning grey before he disappears. The march of time can never be stopped, no matter how much we long or mourn for it.

It is sad to see the lazy days pass, the opportunities for holiday weekends and leisurely evenings in the garden, but maybe it is time for a bit of order and focus again. The flowers have finished, desiccated leaves begin to drift down and last night it was getting dark at 8pm – perhaps I should just put my summer dresses away for another year, store away the memories and photographs, set my face for what comes next. Put on your work clothes, the school traffic is back – get on with it.

I certainly know what comes next for us this year: I have made a great big hook and hung myself on it! That’s partly because it’s always good to have something to focus on and work towards – to give life structure and meaning. Is it the Autumn term, the run-up to Christmas? Is it the countdown to 2014? What new initiatives or evening classes will carry us forward? How do any of us make the most of the time we have been given? Sometimes I look at people and wonder what they think is going to happen… are they just going to carry on going to the shops and taking the grandchildren to the park until one day they just… die? No – this is about making the most of the time we have left.

September is another month to make decisions – to choose life: every day sacred. Looking back – ah, I love looking back, analysing and appreciating – the summer has been busy and full, but today, here and now, another empty space opens up in the silence. How to make the best of it? How to live life to the full? I have what I might call ‘work’ to do, my project is now all prepared and ready to advertise – but perhaps today I should simply go out and play with September, to celebrate what is passing… and what is yet to come.

Here’s the link to my project if you want to know: I’ll be having my head shaved 4 weeks today and counting! Well… at least I am doing something to make my life count… are you?!